Internet Technologies

Module code: COS4018-B

Module Aims

To provide the background knowledge of computer and networked systems and the World Wide Web, and their modes of operation. To introduce the fundamental concepts of Internet technologies, the underlying protocol sand typical ways of delivering static and dynamic material from a server to a client through several different programming languages, mark up languages and meta- mark up languages. Material will provide knowledge and understanding of protocols (such as ftp, ssh, http, https), web hosting servers (e.g. typical systems such as LAMP,XAMPP), web scripting (client side and server-side scripting).

Outline Syllabus 

Introduction to networked computers and servers; addressing and domain names; Internet technologies; Internet functionalities, file transfers, operating systems; protocols (such as ftp, ssh, http, https); ISPs, web host ing servers (e.g. typical systems such as LAMP); web scripting (client-side and server-side) and programming languages (including HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, and reference to JavaScript, PHP); user interface design and implementation for web applications. Examples of cloud-based services; IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

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