Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity

Module code: INC7009-B

To develop a critical evaluative understanding of the molecular mechanism underlying cellular toxicity.
Emphasis is placed on emerging concepts that reflect the changing nature of modern drug development. The
module will address the mechanisms responsible for drug target toxicity and the evolution of new preclinical
strategies to identify and predict such mechanisms.
The module is structured as a combination of lectures, online lectures (asynchronous), tutorials, student-led
seminars and laboratory investigation, plus student directed learning.
The student led seminars consist of the preparation and delivery of a drug profile presentation, where studentsindividually review and present a selected drug profile with an emphasis on toxicity and in vitro screeningmethods as an alternative to in vivo toxicology. The laboratory investigation includes the preparation of adetailed experimental report covering methods, data collection and data analysis and interpretation.
The acquired knowledge will be assessed by coursework evaluation and examination at the end of the semester.

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