Practical Chemistry for Apprentices 1

Module code: CFS4031-C

This module will introduce the fundamental techniques required to work safely and efficiently in the laboratory.You will develop your skills in the safe handling of chemicals, in making accurate qualitative observations,quantitatively analysing compounds prepared in the laboratory, and in reporting and interpreting experimentalresults. You will learn about spectroscopic techniques and use these methods in the analysis of what yousynthesise in the lab. You will use measurements of physical parameters to investigate aspects of physicalchemistry.
Through preparing laboratory reports you will be introduced to the standard formats and drawing packagesused by professional chemists to share their results. You will be tutored in the basic numeracy skills necessaryto study a degree in the chemical sciences, and will apply these skills to your experimental work. The principlesof Green Chemistry will be introduced, and you will learn how to assess the environmental impact of yourlaboratory work.
Students will build an e-portfolio of their work at distance, and re-enforce these with core chemistry skills bothwithin and outside of a laboratory environment; in the workplace and in university laboratories.

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