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Policies, Procedures and Processes

Links to all of our Purchasing policies, procedures and processes can be found on this page.

They are grouped under subject headings for ease.

Some links will take you directly to a policy document, others to a separate page where there are links to all the documents associated with that topic. If you are unsure of which category it falls into all the documents are listed alphabetically.  All relevant forms can be found in the Forms section of the website.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.

Policies, Procedures and Processes by Category:

Description Word Pdf 
Authorising Procedures for credit cards  Authorising Procedures (word, 200KB) Authorising Procedures (pdf, 85KB)
Business Case Guide   Business Case Guide (word, 197KB) Business Case Guide (pdf, 78KB)
Corporate Card Procedures Uob Credit Card Policy & Procedures UoB Credit Card Policy & Procedures (pdf)
Equality Policy Statement  Equality Policy Statement (pdf)   
Financial Purchasing Regulations  Financial Purchasing Regulations (word, 208KB) Financial Purchasing Regulations (pdf, 149KB)
Framework Agreement Call-offs  Framework Agreement Call Offs (Word, 15KB)  
Government Purchasing Card (GPC) Procedures    GPC Procedures (pdf, 116KB)
Guide to Negotiating   Guide to Negotiations with Suppliers (pdf, 109KB)
Hiring Consultants  Hire of Consultants (word, 203KB) Hire of Consultants (pdf, 203KB)
Local Tender Procedure Tender Flow Chart 2 (word, 16KB)  
OJEU Tender Procedure  Tender Flow Chart 3 (word, 16KB)  
Purchasing Policy Purchasing Policy (word, 200KB)  
Request a UoB Credit card Request a UoB credit card (word, 200KB)  
Travel Policy Travel Policy (word, 350kb) Travel Policy (pdf, 210KB)