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Laboratory Supplies

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Agreement Details Supplier Website Agreement type 
Chemicals   Fisher Scientific
Fine Chemicals  Alfa Aesar N
   Sigma Aldrich N
Gases  Air Liquide UK
Gases (Liquid Argon)  Air Products
   CK Gas Products
General Lab Supplies   Fisher Scientific R
Glassware   Fisher Scientific R
Glassware & Glass Tubes  SLS
   Smith Scientific
Gloves   Fisher Scientific
   Western Laboratory Service
Minor Lab Equipment   Fisher Scientific R
   P&R Labpak R
   VWR R
   Wolf Laboratories
Pipette Tips  Fisher Scientific 
   Greiner Bio-One
   Western Laboratory Service
Pipette Sundries & Service   Anachem
Plastics  Fisher Scientific R
   Greiner Bio-One R
   SLS R
   Western Laboratory Service R
Radiochemicals  GE Healthcare  N
   MP Biochemicals  N
   PerkinElmer N
Tissue Culture Plastics  Fisher Scientific R
   Greiner Bio-One R
   Sarstedt R
   SLS R