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Below, you will find some useful links and information relating to Computing.

Desktops & Notebooks

ALL ENQUIRIES for computers and or laptops should be directed through to your planning unit Technical IT Support Officer to ensure that the UoB can support your requirement, prior to the raising of a purchase order. 

Dell Ltd (Laptops)DTP (Desktops)


Brian McBride

Tel & Fax: 01344 373180

General Sales Tel: 01344 373716


Tel: 0113 385 2698

Dell dedicated Website  DTP dedicated Website

For further information and details of the University's and suppliers service and support requirements on the Desktop and Laptop agreement please see the Desktop & Laptop Service Level Agreement (docx, 204KB).

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Apple Computers

For individuals who wish to request the use of Apple Mac computers there must be a business justification provided to do so. The business justification will be reviewed by central IT to ensure that the right equipment is being purchased for the required work. This includes any equipment being funded by an external grant.  

There are some important factors which need taken into consideration when purchasing decisions are made.  Apple Mac desktops and laptops are not directly interchangeable with Windows PCs in terms of use as business machines at the University.  Apple Macs are supported by IT Services.  However, at the present time one or two of the University’s key, everyday business applications will not operate on Apple Mac equipment.

Until further developments take place, Apple Mac users will not be able to use the following business applications, which operate in our standard windows environment:

SAINT (although e:vision web access works cross-platform)

Business Objects development (although output reports should be accessible)

E5 (there is a major upgrade planned to deliver web access from April 2015)

Syllabus Plus (which is a very focused timetabling application)

RMS (although this focused service desk system is also due for replacement)

When deciding on a desktop computer platform particularly for office based staff handling student or financial systems, managers and budget holders must understand that the Windows PC platform is recommended by IT services and Purchasing at this time.

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Printer Consumables

Most UoB multi functional printers (devices) are now covered by a service maintenance contract serviced by The DTP Group which includes the provision of toner cartridges. Toner cartridges for all other printers (devices) not covered by this agreement can be purchased via the e-marketplace.

Agreement queries should be directed to 

Printers & Multi-Function Devices

The University has through planning unit consultation and involvement of a User Group agreed to roll out a replacement programme for all photocopiers with multi function devices and printers.  The supplier who has been selected to work with the University is The DTP Group.  Please contact either your Planning Unit IT Officer or for further information.

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Please contact Learner Support Services for the software packages available with special pricing.

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Workstations & Servers

Servers and Storage agreement details can be found on the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortia contract information database (NEUPC) or contact for supplier and agreement information.

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