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Zachary Cannon

BSc Healthcare Science (Life Sciences)

Zachary Cannon

I completed a 10-week placement at St James's University Hospital in Leeds which included time in Biochemistry, Histopathology, Microbiology and Genetics.  A second placement was at the Yorkshire Regional Genetics Laboratory allowing a much more hands-on approach than my previous placement.

I have been involved in running a number of diagnostic services, requiring set-up, analysis and reporting of genetic mutations.  Not only have I developed practically throughout this time, my knowledge has increased vastly as a result of application in a diagnostic setting.

During the placement I undertook a project to improve a service that provides mutation analysis for eh Ashkenazi Jewish population.  I was able to successfully improve this service providing a more robust platform for analysis with greater reproducibility.

In my spare time I have participated in and organised a number of voluntary events through my local church; including food collection for food banks, feeding the homeless, assisting the elderly in everyday tasks and tidying the community.