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Tom Walling

BA (Hons) History and Politics

Tom Walling
  • Ambassador for The Green
  • Aims to become a headteacher

Tom hopes his History and Politics degree from the University of Bradford will "open up doors" for him, and says it's already given him more confidence.

"All my friends from home say I’ve become a lot more confident, I’ve come out of my shell since coming to Bradford," Tom says.

"They’ve said it’s a good change.

"In seminars I’ve surprised myself at times with things I didn’t think I knew about."

"I found a passion for politics at A-level. I would like to teach it when I’m older, but most schools don’t do politics so I’m maximising my career options by doing history as well.

"It's a great mix of subjects. We’re learning about a broad range of topics so we're not tied us down to one area - politics, psychology, philosophy, sociology."

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Why Bradford?

Tom says coming to an Open Day helped him picture a new life at University here.

"Bradford is not too far from home, in Preston, but not too close either.

"It’s not massive, but it’s not small, and it’s friendly.

"The Open Day it opened my eyes to what I could be doing, and that the University of Bradford was the place for me.

"There was lots of information, everyone was happy.

"To get to know the place you need to visit for more than a day - take some time and look around the city.

"My advice to Open Day visitors is to ask as many questions as you can - even ask what you think people will laugh at, because they’re probably the most important questions."

Feeling of achievement

Tom volunteered to become a Green Ambassador when he moved into student accommodation.

"Being an ambassador is good. We organise events, get people together as a community. The ambassadors themselves are a team.

"We had events at Halloween and Christmas and we ran around knocking on doors getting people to come, there’s a feeling of achievement afterwards. 

"It was something I felt was for me - there’s another ambassador in this house and we decided to do it together.

"The Green is a vibrant and exciting place. It’s a village - I know people in every house.

"For the first semester our door was open to all. We can visit each other when we want. We can give each other support. We all look out for each other - we’re like a family. 

"There’s even a vegetable patch down at the bottom there!"

Tom says there's a great support network at the University, made up of friends, lecturers and support staff.

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Advice for new students?

"Throw yourself into everything, it’s not something to be scared of - embrace the University. I’ve met some amazing people here, including one person I now consider my best friend."