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Thomas Morgan

BSc Archaeology 4-years

Thomas Morgan
  • Interested in skeletal remains and isotope analysis
  • Acted as an Executive for the Archaeology Society
  • Social member of the University of Bradford Hockey Club

Thomas Morgan is doing a 4-year BSc Archaeology course at the University of Bradford.  He applied to the University of Bradford through Clearing as he was unable to make it into his first university choice.

Unique opportunity

"Although I was initially upset by this, I discovered the plethora of possibilities that Bradford offered that I could not receive anywhere else. I wish I had made Bradford my first choice after realising how well the course suited my needs and I am very glad that I decided to make the move."

"During my course, I have had the opportunity to explore numerous areas of archaeology and my interests have shifted a dozen times; however, I am now determined to specialise in human remains. The School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences houses the largest teaching collection of skeletal remains in the UK, a fact which is not lost on students who have full access to the collection."


Excavating in Slovenia

During the summer between my first and second year, Thomas was given the opportunity to participate in an archaeological excavation.

"I was fortunate enough to excavate in Slovenia; where I made lots of friends, learned a lot about the history and culture of the region, and where I made many memories too."

"I am currently undertaking a placement year, which has helped me to focus on my interests and discover other areas of archaeology that I was unaware of. I have worked with Mediaeval skeletal populations, Iron Age Scottish artefacts, as well as analysing 2.8 million year old sediments from the Pacific Ocean during my placement at the isotope laboratory in the University of Bradford! This placement year has enabled me to understand what I truly want to do once I graduate, as well as what I will be doing for my final year project."

Sports and social circles

Outside of academics, Thomas is a social member of the University of Bradford Hockey Club, where he participates in social occasions, such as weekly social meetings and club games.

"I have also acted as an executive for the Archaeology Society, where I hosted and participated in: weekly social meetings, dinner nights out, and charity walks."

Caption: Thomas in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, beside the Ljubljanica, which is the river separating the old city and the new city.