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Tayyiba Arif

MPharm Pharmacy 5-year integrated placement

Tayyiba Arif

Pre-registration training

I am currently a 5th year Pharmacy student completing my final 6 month pre registration training placement. Come January, I will be returning to university to complete my final semester of my degree.

It has been a long haul and the struggle of commuting to Bradford from Sheffield has been an immense struggle, but I can see the finish line. Throughout my time at university, I have been involved in many activities. I did my pre-registration training at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals during my 3rd year of my Pharmacy degree. This was extremely valuable experience which not only taught me a lot but also gave me an insight into what I want to do in the future.

I am currently completing the final part of my professional training at Weldricks Pharmacy and I am coming to a point in my training where I am feeling ready to pursue my career as a pharmacist. Helping patients, and working with other healthcare professionals has been the highlight of the placement. Weldrick's as a company is a great company to work with as they offer some of the best training out there.

Sporting success

I have played for Bradford University Women's Football club (BUWFC) for four years now and have loved every minute of it. We're like a family, and are always there for each other. The football we play is great, the coach we have is excellent. This team is full of drive and passion and it's an honour to be apart of it. In the team, my position is striker. So there is great responsibility on my shoulders of getting goals. Without the players behind me I wouldn't be the player I am now. And last year, we won the league, meaning this year we are playing in the league above. The effort we put into last year was immense, training 3-4 times a week, and it all paid off! We also won varsity last year, bringing the trophy home and it is our goal again this year, to repeat the huge success of last year.

I also play for a local team at home (Sheffield Rangers). This team I only joined this year and I have hit it hard and have become one of the best players of the team. I've scored vital goals as well as filling in different positions to ensure we win, which we are doing. We are currently sitting at the top of the table. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind: Playing football has helped me get through my studies. Studying alone is not entertaining. Although I love it, it can be a burden when you are constantly travelling to and from university, 80 miles a day. Football has made that worth while. And I can say that I will definitely miss it when I graduate and qualify as a pharmacist. I will look to continue playing locally but leaving the BUWFC family will be very hard, and it's something I have to mentally prepare my self to do.