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Shelina Jilani

MSci Forensic and Medical Sciences, 2012

Shelina Jilani

Destination: Forensic Analyst, Acumé Forensic

When I first started my studies at the University of Bradford, I was very excited to study the course. The field of Forensic Science enchanted me from a very young age; being a regular viewer of 'Crimewatch' I was intrigued to see the process of investigation that was carried out when a crime of any volume had been committed. I was subject to the 'modern-day perception' of Forensic Science courtesy of television series such as CSI and Criminal Minds; however, I was fascinated to see whether the process of finding a ‘clue’ to the presentation in a court of law was a process that could easily be completed in one 30-minute episode.

After multiple well-prepared and thoroughly researched modules that have augmented my knowledge in addition to interpersonal skills, I feel I opted for the best university and ultimately the best degree course. The laboratory practicals, laboratory facilities and the lecture content all are designed to prepare students for the real world, with realistic aspirations!

I am now a Forensic Analyst for a privately held company called Acumé Forensic. I carry out forensic analysis on vehicles and clothing. Furthermore I carry out Facial Mapping and comparative analysis.

I thoroughly enjoyed my studies at the University of Bradford; the tutors offer support and guidance in abundance. I have graduated from the University of Bradford with a BSc and Master’s degree in addition to a great circle of friends!