Shakoor Ahmed

BSc Business and Management Studies

While Shakoor was at the University of Bradford, he set up a business with his family called Lahore Cafe Bar in Bradford, where he is now the Managing Director.

Shakoor used the knowledge, skills and professional contacts that he’d gained during his time at university to help to grow his business.

I've been able to apply many of the skills and theories that I learnt at university

Shakoor Ahmed. Branching out

"We now have two branches in Bradford, as well as one in Leeds and Manchester. And hopefully we should be opening up a few more. I've been able to apply many of the skills and theories that I learnt at university around topics like HR, finance and marketing into running and expanding my business."

Adding value

"I benefitted from the links that the University has with business, from national companies to small businesses in the local community.

They tap into each other - academics can add value and expertise to the companies and the companies can add value back to the University by offering work experience to students.

"Through interactions with these companies I learnt about different ways doing things and I was able to apply new ideas to my business.

Although your university course may only be three or four years, it's really important to keep that relationship going after you graduate, because so many opportunities can open.

You can continue to use all your experiences from university, utilise the contacts you made and the people that you've met, to be able to help you to progress in the future."

For the future the plan is to expand the business further. It's tough out there at the moment in the economic climate, but I think if you work hard and keep persevering anything is possible.

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