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Samantha Fox

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, 2015

Samantha Fox

Destination: Information Management Specialist at AstraZeneca, Cambridge


I began reading Biomedical Sciences at the University of Bradford in 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed the course.

The structure of the degree allowed for a large range of compulsory modules to be taken, all of which comprised of a solid theory foundation complimented by guided laboratory practicals. If I had to choose I’d have to say that the stand out modules for me were the genetics components, reproductive biology and embryology, and medical biochemistry; of which I specialised in during my final year.

The course equivalent of the final year dissertation was a scientific project report based of a four week intensive laboratory research investigation.  I greatly enjoyed this hands-on bench-side approach to science. The project alongside a nine week intensive investigation externally funded by a competitive bursary won from the Biochemical Society, greatly enhanced my technical skills and awareness of the practicality of medical research and scientific writing.

Complimentary work alongside my academic studies, facilitated by the University’s support, allowed me to grow links between my studies and the community. As secretary for the Biomedical and Healthcare Science Society I managed to re-establish links between the course and our accrediting body the IBMS. Consulting for the Bradford City CCG on the Bradford Beating Diabetes campaign, and working part time as a healthcare assistant in the local hospitals and community all contributed positively towards my Bradford experience. I learnt the connection between Biomedical Sciences as a discipline and its effects on the patient, and developed essential communication skills within the multi-cultural Bradford community.

I have recently started work at the global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, based in the Science Park and Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. I’ve moved from a research based degree, to front-line healthcare work, to essential management level within a FTSE 100 company. The role of Information Management Specialist allows me to see drug development and clinical research in a new light at I oversee the administrative duties and project progression of 4-5 Oncology and Neuroscience projects at any one time. I hope to continue my academic studies in the future.

Bradford offers truly unique opportunities as a city and a University which I would encourage all new and prospective students to embrace. Many of my experiences expressed here have been challenging but ultimately enjoyable and believe have set me up well for my future career in medical sciences. I would like to acknowledge the incredible inspiration and motivation of the Faculty of Life Sciences staff and my family for their unwavering support.