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Michael Offley

BSc Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology

Michael Offley
  • Chose Bradford on reputation for archaeology
  • Taught by phenomenal staff
  • Great atmosphere on campus

Mike originally chose the course for the archaeology, after hearing how prestigious the University was in terms of experience in the subject, he could not refuse.  Despite this, I did not want to limit myself to one subject field.  

"That was when I found this joint course.  Having the three subject areas was the perfect thing I was looking for."

"Now that I'm studying here, I can certainly say I made the right choice."

A for Anthropology

Michael's favourite part of the course is definitely the anthropology.

"The content is incredibly interesting and when you take in the fact that the School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences has the largest collection of human skeletal remains in an archaeology department in the UK, you are stuck for picking out flaws!"

Student support

"The staff are phenomenal, not only are they extremely committed to their subject field but also in making sure the students get the most out of the course. They are forever asking for ways to improve and will continually take your feedback into consideration. They are extremely supportive and will go out of their way to help you."

"The campus in itself is a very friendly place with lots of facilities, including a gym, radio recording studio, amphitheatre, tennis courts, a bar and much, much more."

When asked whether he would recommend the course to others, his answer is a definite yes!

"The content is superb, very interesting and will definitely provide you with the skills you are after. The staff are fantastic and the atmosphere around campus is great."