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Joanne Hainsworth

MPharm Pharmacy 4-year continuous

Joanne Hainsworth

Bradford Association of Pharmacy Students (BAPS) – President 2014/2015‌

This requires planning and co-operating with other members of the exec. It involves organising social events for members such as bowling, charity football and online competitions; and academic events including first aid training, careers symposiums and collaborations with other universities.

UoB Women's Football Club, Club Development Officer 2013/2014

I have been a member of the university football club since second year as a way of improving my fitness and making new friends. I had little experience in the sport before I came to university. Through my Club Development Officer role I was involved in a team that was able to raise £2000 for the Bradford Crocus Cancer Appeal. For this we organised a variety of activities, from penalty shootout competitions to timed obstacle courses.

British Pharmaceutical Students Association

I regularly attend conferences and events held by the BPSA to help me make friends with other pharmacy students from universities across the country, and also helping me broaden my experience as a pharmacy student. I have attended conferences on subjects such as: 'Start of Life care,' 'End of Life care,' and 'Endocrinology.' In 2013 I was also the winner of the University of Bradford round of the 'Responding to Symptoms' competition.

Community Pharmacy experience, Weldricks Pharmacy Jun 2011 – Sep 2014

During the summer and Christmas periods at university I worked as a summer student across four branches of Weldricks pharmacy, adapting to work with a variety of different teams. I have served a diverse range of patients with different needs, encouraging a positive attitude towards working practices and customer services. In the shop I followed the correct procedures for the safe and effective use of medicines through OTC sales, effective signposting and the minor ailments scheme. Where appropriate I made referrals to local health promotions; and was responsible for everyday roles including cleaning and date checking. Alternatively, in the dispensary I learnt how to appropriately dispense both NHS and private prescriptions, collaborate with a range of prescribers to solve problems over the phone, and query cost effective prescribing through the intervention scheme. Through reviewing procedures and current systems I verified the importance of clinical governance, allowing me to constantly review and improve my work. Completing a series of workbooks helped in preparation for my pre-registration year by documenting evidence in the same style as the competency standards and managing my own time.

Hospital Pharmacy experience, Scunthorpe General Hospital - Jun 2012

During my month long placement at Scunthorpe General Hospital I was able to shadow pharmacy staff on a range of wards. Shadowing technicians taught me about medicines reconciliation and enabled me to confidently carry this out myself. When shadowing pharmacists, I made a record of any interventions that they made, showing me how to look for and solve problems accurately; and also completed an audit which increased my competence in preparation for pre-registration training. In the dispensary I used both paper/electronic prescriptions and charts to complete and pass a 350 item validation. Speaking to an antimicrobial pharmacist and medicines management nurse gave me an insight into different specialisms. I also saw the aseptic production of medicines, and was given an overview of clinical trials, medicines information and stores.

Research Project, Jan – May 2014

My research project was based around whether we would be able to derive useful antibiotic products from soils within the Yorkshire Dales. We were able to go out to the Yorkshire Dales ourselves to collect soil samples and document the type of places we were taking them from, before taking them back to the lab to analyse and grow cultures. I found the whole project very interesting and was particularly happy when we managed to isolate a culture which showed remarkable antibiotic activity. It would have been interesting to be able to carry this project on further.