Ita Razak

MPharm (Hons) Pharmacy (5 years)

  • International student from Malaysia
  • Chose to become a Pharmacist to help the community
  • Member of the Islamic Society
Ita laughing with her friends

Why did you decide to study Pharmacy at the University of Bradford?

I chose to study Pharmacy because I would like to help the community and meet people from different backgrounds.

I chose Bradford because of the 5-year course that is offered here. I really want to practice Pharmacy in the UK, so for me it’s the best way to see what it's like to do that.

I will be completing two, six month placements in your fourth and fifth year which will give me an insight into what it will be like being a Pharmacist in practice. 


Why did you decide to study Pharmacy at the University of Bradford?

Tell me more about your placement

I'm looking forward to my first placement not only because I get paid but I love working in the community. You get to meet a lot of people from different cultures which is a great experience.

I can also finally put what I've learnt into practice in the real-world. If it something doesn't work well I can go back for my final year and work harder, so I can be prepared for the next placement.

What's been the best part of your course so far?

I would say the TBL, which is the Team Based Learning, this is where you are assigned groups to work with and you have to work together and discuss the answers to a question.

It's a very good opportunity to develop your skills of communication and presentation.

Where did you live when you first moved to Bradford?

In my first year I lived in The Green in a Townhouse with 12 people. I actually loved it because we used to have one day every week where we would sit together, eat and binge watch TV shows.

I still keep in touch with the friends I made when I lived in The Green, even though two of them moved back to their home countries of France and Germany, and another has gone onto study Medicine in Leeds, we are still all good friends.

It's really nice to live in a place where you can make long lasting friendships.

The Green

What do you like about being on campus?

Campus is a great place to hang out with my friends and also study. I really love the library because its open 24 hours! You can go in at any time and leave any time which means you don't have to worry about anything.

I also like that it's quite a small campus so you just know everyone, I'm always bumping into friends from my course, society or volunteering projects. It's great, I love it.

What about the city?

I'm surprised at the amount of different cultures there are in Bradford, everyone is from everywhere which is amazing.

Everything is within walking distance I love it and also it's so easy to find Halal food which is great for me!

There are so many international students here, I've met so many people from around the world

As an international student, how have you settled in at Bradford?

I've had a great time, in first year the international student advisor, Sue Baker, helped me settle in immediately. There were lots of international meetings arranged for the Pharmacy students to get to know each other too, so you don't feel so feel alone in the first few weeks.

My personal tutor is also very supportive if I need help or have any problems I can just email her and arrange to meet up with her if I need to. I really like the support system they have here, I think its excellent.

As an international student, how have you settled in?

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