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Vikneswaran Mathiyazakan

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, 2016

Vikneswaran Mathiyazakan
  • From Singapore
  • Graduated with first class honours
  • Has won two scholarships for postgraduate study

"My Bradford experience has been both exciting and inspiring."

"I specialised in Cancer Biology and Therapeutics for my BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science and graduated with a first class honours."

Career-defining research project

His career-defining moment was his final year project, at the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, where he investigated the effects of amino acid sequences on the metabolism of methotrexate based prodrugs in tissue homogenates under the supervision of Professor Paul Loadman.

"During my project on 'Investigation into the influence of amino acid changes on the tumour specific metabolism of peptide based anticancer prodrugs', I was drawn to the complexity of the drug design and how minute differences in structures had major impacts on their metabolism."

Life after graduation

Vikneswaran will move on to the University of Newcastle to study for an MSc in Drug Chemistry after successfully winning two named scholarships (ASEAN and Newcastle-Santander Scholarships).

"The Life Sciences team at the University of Bradford has extraordinary lecturers who are experts in their fields. With experts at the front, lectures became interesting and inspiring."

"Dr Picksley's Lectures on p53 and p53-based therapies and his views on precision medicine, inspired me to venture into small molecules based cancer therapy. The enthusiastic nature of lectures coupled with the support provided by the academic and non-academic staff, provide an ideal environment for students to learn,strive and excel."

Future career

Vikneswaran aspires to be part of the exciting and vibrant drug research industry in Singapore after graduating from his MSc.