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Radhika Dave

MSci Forensic and Medical Sciences

Radhika Dave
  • Loves reading and playing sports
  • Runs painting and dancing workshops
  • Would like to specialise in forensic odontology

My course features a combination of Forensic Science with Medical Sciences. This structure appealed to my interests. Forensic Science modules taught me the necessary techniques in proceeding to collect evidence from a crime scene and analysing it in a lab, to prepare the evidence for court. The Medical Science gave me in depth knowledge in cells and tissues, genetics, handling specimens in labs and microbiology. I thoroughly enjoy my course and I am looking forward to completing my degree as a Qualified Forensic and Medical Scientist.

Extracurricular activities

In my free time, I enjoy exercise and play a wide range of sports from athletics to badminton. In my spare time I read a range of fiction and non fiction literature. I also read scientific journals to complement my studies.

I am an independent and creative individual. I combine these characteristics by putting on workshops for the young and elderly. The workshops revolve around painting and Bollywood dancing. I have been a Classical Indian singer since I was 4 years old and competed in numerous competitions.

Career path

I want to specialise in the field of forensic odontology, which is the proper handling, examination and evaluation of dental evidence.