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Onkemetse Tshenyego

MEng Electronic, Telecommunications and Internet Engineering

Onkemetse Tshenyego
  • From Botswana

23-year-old Onkemetse says he feels well on his way to fulfilling his potential as an engineer, after choosing Bradford over Canada.

He says he chose to study here because of the level of qualification he would graduate with:

"Most universities now in the UK are offering an MEng across all the programmes, and this is quite a recognised qualification in my country.

"I chose the UK as opposed to Canada as for the same duration of four years they only offer Bachelor's level."

A good experience

Onkemetse says he had no problems applying to the University of Bradford:

"I applied through UCAS and really it was easy, UCAS people were very responsive as intermediates between me and the university.

"It was easy to find information, in the sense that a lot of books about different universities were available to us at the time, that really gave me ample time to choose between universities and to consider the cost of living of different places.

"From all those I choose Bradford and I have not regretted my choice up to this day.

"It’s a good experience. I have got used to the weather, the food and the way of life here."

When he graduates, Onkemetse says he's planning to go back home to work and hopes to achieve his ambitions: "In terms of my career, I find the university to be very practical which is what is expected of me as a potential engineer."