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Imad Faghmous

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

Imad Faghmous

Destination: World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva

Biomedical Science at the University of Bradford was what sparked my fascination with infectious disease. The entire microbiology team in the School of Medical Sciences is incredibly passionate about its subjects and its quite difficult not to find that contagious. 

I still distinctly remember Dr Ross's terrifying lecture on parasitology in my first year and Dr Harington's lectures on Virulence factors in my third year. I was fortunate enough to have Dr Ross as a personal tutor who was incredibly supportive and inspiring. He pushed me to pursue microbiology throughout my undergraduate studies. 

WHO and Ebola Response Team

After leaving the University I pursued further study and qualified as an epidemiologist specialising in infectious disease. I'm currently working in the field for a year before continuing to pursue my PhD. I'm now based in Geneva with the WHO as part of the Ebola Response Team.

My work involves conducting epidemiological analysis and applying a lot of what I learnt at the university to gain novel insights into the epidemic. I'm also in the middle of publishing two papers on Tuberculosis using statistical modelling to determine which members of the South African population will be potentially missed by a new screening program.

Research-led teaching

The entire staff in the school ranging from the Dean himself all the way through to the course administrators take a personal interest in their students and push you to succeed. Lectures are often given by staff who are at cutting edge of scientific research such as Professor Val Randal, Professor Diana Anderson and Dr Roger Phillips.

Advice to future students

My advice to anyone considering a career in science or medicine is to apply to what is in my opinion one of the greatest universities out there. I can honestly say had it not been for my amazing time at the University and being surrounded by some of the most incredible lecturers in the country there is little chance I would be pursuing what is effectively a dream come true.