Elliott Morrell

BSc Business and Management Studies, 2014

Elliott Morrell
  • From Bradford, UK
  • Operations Graduate Scheme at Ocado
  • Attained first class honours degree
  • Completed a year in industry with Samworth Brothers as part of his degree

Professional life

“I'm originally from Bradford but I now live and work in the Midlands for a technology company called Ocado, who also happen to be an online supermarket retailer. I graduated in 2014 with first class honours in Business and Management and hope to do some further study perhaps after my graduate scheme finishes in 2016.

“On the Ocado graduate scheme I am currently rotating through different parts of the Operation. I started my first placement in Inbound over the Christmas period (2014), which threw me right into the deep end. From managing in excess of 30 staff to walking over 20 miles a shift, it was a real challenge. I am now part of the outbound team, responsible for ensuring every online customer order is fulfilled as well as leading my own projects to help improve the efficiency and performance of the company. Working at Ocado over the last eight months has really brought on my people management skills and forced me to think outside the box.

“My degree in Business and Management was heavily related to my industrial placement year as well as the graduate scheme I am now on. Studying subjects such as Operations Management, Strategic Management and Human Resource Management have all lent themselves to my work experience when managing both people and different types of operation as well as looking for improvements. My degree gave me the chance to put good solid learning into practice once I was working full time. Additionally, putting in the effort to get a first class honours really increased my chances of making it to the final stage of almost every assessment process, helping me land my current role today.”

University life

“The University of Bradford’s School of Management is well known throughout Europe for its business courses and it also happened to be quite local for me. On top of this, there were lots of opportunities to choose modules that suited my needs and allowed me to go in a direction of my choice. Lecturers were also really helpful and always willing to go the extra mile if you showed willing. One of the best things about the School of Management was the Careers Service which provided sound advice and support to help all students get on the career ladder. Whether it was help with a CV, cover letter or advice on how to perform well in an assessment centre, the door was always open, literally.

Personal Background

I'm very self-motivated but a lot of my inspiration comes from my family, in particular my older sister who is currently applying to do a PhD in Human Resource Management, so she has always set the bar high for me and been a great role model. I am very ambitious and following my Graduate Scheme and a possible Masters, I would at some point like to start my own business within the Graduate Development sector to share my experiences and help other students create experiences of their own.

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