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Elliot Greenwood

BSc Biomedical Sciences, 2013

Elliot Greenwood

The professional facilities at the University of Bradford have been absolutely invaluable. With the IPI and Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, the labs are absolutely fantastic, the staff are absolutely fantastic.

Being in the labs on G floor in Richmond doing research projects has been invaluable. In a lecture you might have something on screen, but that doesn't compare to experiencing it in a lab, using the equipment and getting hands-on puts us far above everybody else.

I helped set up Project Genesis, with the aim of decellularising a dead heart and try to put live cells back in it. We worked closely with Leeds and Keele universities.

It's an ever-changing field and I really want to be in it because I will never get board.

With a first-class degree from Bradford, and I'm accredited as well, I've got a lot to offer. I can work in industry, I can work in biomedical science in hospitals, do further research, I've got lots to offer the world, especially with this degree because it's so wide-ranging.

After my first year I spent a month volunteering in Morocco teaching children English. I travelled with two other biomedical science students and recommend doing something similar to everyone. I also did a six-month placement in a paediatric ward at BRI as a volunteer play assistant.