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Eleftheria Pavlou

BSc Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology

Eleftheria Pavlou
  • Comes from Greece
  • First in family to attend university
  • Has had a life-changing student experience

"If you like stories about warriors, civilizations and murders, this course will teach you how to read them in a different way - by telling a story from the bones!"

When Eleftheria was finishing school in Greece she asked myself what would stop her from doing something thrilling and mind puzzling?

"Why would I restrict myself with math and physics and not put myself to the test in a different way that a scientist would?"

A for Anthropology

"I stumbled across the Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology course by accident only a few days before the applications were ending, and I didn’t think about it twice. I’m not going to lie that the mass media had an immediate impact on what I thought I was going to be doing. It was completely different, it was so much better than I could ever expect."

"Now I’m at the end of my second year and I can only say it has been a privilege to meet and be taught by contemporary Titans of the discipline, and the University of Bradford is a true diamond in the rough."

She says the lectures, facilities and the collections are fascinating and she always finds herself discussing the topics with classmates after lessons for hours.

"This is science from a different prospective, it’s beautiful and unique."

Life-changing experience

Eleftheria says she wasn’t the best student at school but this course has really changed her life.

"We are a big family and I’m the only one that has been to university, and it’s just a beautiful experience so far and has pushed me to get top marks especially in my second year.  I know what I want to do and it has definitely had a huge impact on me."

"I highly recommend the course as I’ve never had a single doubt about it.  And I haven’t come across a single student that has not been envious of it!"