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Dominic O’Neill

Graduate, Computer Animation and Special Effects

Dominic O’Neill

Dominic studied this undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Bradford. Two weeks before the end of his Master's he secured a job making in-flight content content for airlines.

"Where I work now is IFE Services, and we basically make in-flight content for various airlines, from providing them with movies and TV shows and audio to making all the onboard literature, the safety films, idents, promos - pretty much everything you can think of."

After my undergrad I decided to do a postgrad. I did a Master’s and I managed to get an interview and obtain this job before I'd finished. I had the interview, got the job then had a week to finish my Master’s, move out, find a new place to move in and then start this job.

The skills that I picked up at university that I use in my current job including 3D packages, the principles animation, workflow and pipeline for when you're working in a team or did the group projects.

The main reason I chose to study at Bradford was because there was lots to see at the Open Day. It had a motion-capture room, it had good edit suites, good software and it beat a lot of the other places that I went look around.

Bradford has a lot of equipment and good lecturers that know what they're talking about. One of my tutors, Jason has worked in quite a few industries, I think he's done games, movies like 'Mars Attacks' and some of the Dairylee adverts. 

What I miss most about student life is the freedom to be creative, as sometimes you could set your own projects. At times you don't even know how you're going to achieve those projects. It's a learning curve. You've got to kind of find your own way of doing it, and that's a good thing. It's hard to keep yourself motivated doing personal projects at home unless you've got a deadline on your back.

I’m quite happy working for IFE. Doing something more creative, advertising or feature films or something like that, that would be awesome to do one day maybe but that's the dream of every animator - working your way up the Pixar ladder."

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