Damini Sharma


  • Member of Law Society and Katana Jiu Jitsu Society
  • Working as a University of Bradford Student Ambassador
Damini Sharma.
Bradford is great for passionate students because it provides a lot of opportunities
Work experience

"I think the best thing about the LLB Law course is the fact that it’s very flexible and that you can specialise in an area of law that you want to focus on.

There are many services at Bradford that students can use, for example there’s a careers service which helps out with CVs and cover letters and you can also arrange mock interviews.

They also help you prepare for and find legal work experience."

Work experience
Emm Lane

"One of the highlights for me here at Bradford is the fact that the campus for Law and Management students is situated away from the main campus, so it's a different atmosphere.

It really helps me focus and get my work done."


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