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Aesha Shah

BSc Optometry, 2016

Aesha Shah

The career I have chosen to embark upon is currently one of the most upcoming professions in healthcare and the main factor which drew me towards it was the hands on approach to dealing with patients that is required.

The University of Bradford is one of the best universities in England for Optometry and allows us to adjust to the machines early on, which we will be using in our working lives as optometrists. The facilities of the department are excellent along with the renowned Eye Clinic in which we start treating patients from second year.

It is important to get involved in as many extracurricular activities as possible, especially in the first year! I have recently finished my first year of the course at Bradford and have been elected as treasurer for BOOSA (Bradford Ophthalmic Optics Students’ Association) and PR (public relations) for the Hindu Society.