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Patty Aretuo

Full-time MBA

Patty Aretuo
  • From Uruguay
  • Secured senior role with Herbalife

It is more than a decade since Patty got her MBA from University of Bradford School of Management, but she still values the skills and experience it gave her, and credits it with helping her succeed in her career.

"The MBA still helps me to tackle issues of everyday life and to analyse them from different points of view - more easily, integrated, and as a whole."

Patty decided to do an MBA because she wanted to stand out in the global job market.

"These days it is not enough to have a degree.

"The job market has become more global, and it's compulsory to continue studying if you want to be competitive and reach high professional positions."

The course content was also a crucial factor.

"I wanted to gain a deeper knowledge of some areas I hadn't studied before - such as marketing and HR.

"The MBA makes you think in business terms and to integrate issues such as finance, marketing, strategy and HR among others."

Life in Bradford

Patty says the Bradford MBA stood out from other programmes.

"I liked the programme at Bradford and that I could tailor it to my own interests. 

"It is well positioned in the Financial Times rankings and the city is quite cheap to live in compared with others in the UK - such as London.

"I also wanted to get a new life experience - and I sure did! Apart from living in the UK, a country I like very much, I gained friends from all over the world who I'm still in touch with and meet during holidays."

Career progression

Patty worked in taxes in Deloitte Uruguay before her MBA and rejoined the company as a consultant when she graduated, but wanted a new challenge.

"I am now the Financial Manager and Head of Herbalife in Uruguay, a worldwide company that sells nutritional personal care products. 

"In this role, I can contribute ideas to the whole of the company.

"The MBA not only helped me gain this job but also increased my skills. I have participated in four start-ups in worldwide companies (Andritz, Specialized, Degremont and Herbalife). 

"My knowledge from the MBA helped me think strategically, develop procedures, systems of information, budgeting, cash analysis, forecasts and look at the company overall."

On the course

Patty says students must make the most of their time at Bradford, and "gain the most they can from both lecturers and other students".

"Enjoy it and try to think how you can apply what you are learning to your job.

"An MBA is not only for learning about subjects, it is also important to develop self-knowledge and explore what you want to do, as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses - you can work on the last to convert them into the first.

"Identify your skills and learn how to sell yourself in the market. Also, network - you never know what opportunities you can find."

Advice to anyone considering the Full-time MBA?

"Join Bradford, take care of your future!"