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Kimon-Georgios Mademlis

Distance Learning MBA, 2015

Kimon-Georgios Mademlis
  • From Greece
  • Previously did MSc Marketing and Management, 2012
  • Named MSc Best Performer by Elmwood Consultants
  • Joined Coca-Cola HBC as Baltic Investment Finance Analyst

Kimonas landed a job with the world’s second largest Coca-Cola anchor bottler based in Estonia after graduating with an overall merit with distinction in his MBA project in 2015. He says there were several reasons he picked Bradford for his Master's and MBA:
"Firstly, it was the brand name and reputation of the School that drew me in. Secondly, the solid structure of the MBA with an extensive list of electives, along with the flexibility to build the MBA to my preferences. Last, but not least, the accreditations and rankings of the School as being one of the top schools in the UK and Europe provided a guarantee of quality, reputation and competence."

Life in Bradford

The School of Management’s facilities impressed Kimonas when he first arrived from Greece to do his MSc, in particular the impressive Emm Lane Campus.
”The interior had recently been renovated and extension buildings added, providing state-of-the-art facilities and stunning looks. Bradford is a relatively safe and convenient city of the perfect size that presents students with many options of things to do. The city's location is very good, as it is next to Leeds, pretty close to Manchester and York. Along with its beautiful rural surroundings, Bradford is an interesting city to study in.”

Career success since completing MBA

"I noticed upon graduation how valuable and applicable the knowledge gained during my MBA degree has been and this has transformed my career. The Bradford MBA programme successfully linked theory to real world practice, ultimately strengthening my position in the job market. Landing a good job in a global, industry-leading organization is proof of that."

“Straight after completing the Bradford MBA, I made a successful career change by securing a very good job at a highly reputable company. I switched from telecommunications with Ericsson to consumer goods with Coca-Cola after being appointed to the Baltic Investment Finance Analyst role located in Tallinn, Estonia. The Bradford MBA has been a prestigious addition onto my CV that helped me to secure my current role in a financial function. It was highly appreciated and valued by the employer. The Bradford MBA was a significant milestone in my career. It has substantially helped me to further strengthen my profile and secure a prestigious position with a leading employer.”

What I like most about my current role

“The best thing about what I am doing now is the experience of working for such a big organisation in a multicultural environment, which provides endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Additionally, I am handling all the analysis for the financial investments made into the three Baltic States while working closely with the marketing department. This includes the planning of the investments, controlling and approving the budgets, assessing the outcomes of each investment and analysing their impact on the financial statements of the company.”

“It is a very challenging role with great responsibilities and is very interesting. It provides a deep understanding of all investments made in the region and a holistic view of the local markets and how the Food and Beverage industry works in practice.”

My goals for the future

“Having achieved my most recent goals, that of completing the MBA and securing a highly-valued job, my future goals now are to continue excelling professionally and keep looking up the ladder for further career progression opportunities. I also aim to keep improving personally through continuous learning and endlessly educating myself as I truly believe in the value and effectiveness of this process.”

Advice to students?

"This might sound like a cliché, but it is an absolute truth and the only way to succeed, is to set specific goals and always try to develop yourself, which is very important and a life-long process.”