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Heloise Breton

MSc Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation

  • From Quebec, Canada
  • Wanted to pursue PhD research
  • Most memorable moment was field training

Heloise chose the University of Bradford because it was one of two programmes that really interested her.

"I contacted the programme director and he got in touch right away and answered all my questions. It made me feel like Bradford actually cared about who they were taking on."

Progressing to research

"There was a lot of great research going on at Bradford that I had never heard of. My favourite lecturer was Prof Carl Heron; I enjoyed his lectures which were on a topic that I had never covered before but he made it very easy to understand. When something is easier to grasp, it makes the whole learning experience that much more fulfilling."

The degree gave Heloise the perfect background to pursue a PhD in Applied Bioscience/Forensic Taphonomy.

"I am currently completing my PhD and am a research assistant and teaching assistant at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. I talk to my students about Bradford all the time and tell them how much I enjoyed leaving the country and discovering a new place for my Master's. I also enjoyed how motivated the teaching staff were and how everyone was supportive. I realise now how lucky I was. It's not like that at all universities."

Fond memories 

Heloise's most memorable moment was all of her field training. 

"I've got so many great stories from these experiences."

"My lasting impression of Bradford was passionate teachers, passionate students, all working within a well-organised environment that makes it possible for students to take what they are learning and apply it in the real world."

Heloise is currently Account Manager at DNA Genotek in Ottawa, Canada