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Haneen Basheer

MSc Cancer Drug Discovery

Haneen Basheer
  • From Jordan
  • Currently doing a PhD at the University of Bradford

Haneen Basheer was working as a pharmacist in Jordan when she applied to study MSc Cancer Drug Discovery at Bradford.

She says she came here to "expand my knowledge and specialise in cancer drug discovery studies", as well as to enhance her career options and prepare for a PhD - which she stayed on at the University of Bradford to do.

Haneen chose Bradford because "the programme in cancer drug discovery run by the University offered the subjects and modules that I wanted to learn about, and the course was taught by academics who are experts in the field.

"The course met all the objectives and aims offered, and gave me the opportunity to develop independent and critical thinking through working on different types of assignments."

She says it was a "high-standard" course which gave her the opportunity to work "in different labs, ranging from cell culture, molecular biology and chemistry".

Haneen found the learning environment "friendly and helpful", and says she relished the opportunity to work in teams.

"My supervisors were very helpful, supportive and encouraged me all the time during my project. They were always available to answer and discuss my questions."

She also took advantage of the services and facilities outside of the course.

"The library runs a series of workshops teaching us more about presentation, writing, critical thinking, how to use EndNote and many other workshops that were very important to me.

"The campus is very big and offers a wide range of places for food, drinking and studying individually or in teams. It also has a fitness area - Unique - that saves a lot of time to enjoy exercising [without leaving] the campus."

Importantly, Haneen feels she got what she needed from the course:

"The knowledge and lab experience I gained from the course allowed me to get a very good job in a respected university back in my country as an organic lab lecturer.

And what would she say to someone considering studying at the University of Bradford?

"I'd encourage them to go for it as it's a very cost-effective course."