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Fiorella Bafundo

MSc Economics and Finance for Development

Fiorella Bafundo
  • From Uruguay
  • Undergraduate International Relations degree from Universidad de la República
  • Student Representative

How did you come to study at BCID?

I knew I wanted to go to an English speaking country to improve my English skills ,and as I had already been to the US in a previous exchange programme within my undergraduate degree, I decided I wanted to try the UK.

I ended up studying at the BCID because of the website Education UK from the British Council.

I was looking for a course in Economics with a focus on development and this was one of the few choices.

What have been the best aspects of your experience?

Some of the best aspects of my academic experience include the level of the Master's programme, the updated material all professors discussed in class and recommended us to read, the availability of almost all professors any time you needed, the support and honest feedback of my dissertation supervisor, who was really open to share all her knowledge and experience with me, the efficiency of the administration office, and the dedication of our subject librarian.

I was really involved in the MSc program as I was the student representative and even though there were some issues to improve, I have to say everyone was open to constructive criticisms and suggestions and I always felt I could be honest and would not be judged (nor personally or academically).

In addition to the academics, considering the pressure and difficulty of being a Master's student and being away from home, I also joined the lacrosse team and went to the gym regularly, which was highly enjoyable to help my mind and body release all my worries and interact with other students.

How does this programme relate to your own career goals?

I work as an external consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank and studying Economics with a focus on Development was very useful as I needed more economic tools and background to support my research and consultancy activities.

In addition, as I work doing research, the experience of all the dissertation process was very expedient.

Based on your experience would you recommend this programme to others?

If someone wants to study a programme in Economics from a developing country perspective, I do recommend this programme in the University of Bradford.

Besides the mandatory modules in which you learn a lot from the most traditional schools of taught to the more recent and controversial, you can also improve the programme with other additional modules, such as Project Planning and Project Appraisal and Economic Analysis, which you can also link and focus on your topics of interests, such as education in my personal experience.