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Dr Teresia Wamuyu Wachira 

PhD in Peace Studies graduate

  • Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Peace and Conflict Studies, St Paul's University, Nairobi
  • University of Bradford stood out due to the quality of research supervisors and their academic reputation
  • Wanted to study a PhD to be able to give back to her home country, Kenya
Dr Terisia Wamayu Wachira, Peace Studies PhD graduate

Following my interests

"I’ve always had a keen interest and passion for peacebuilding and conflict resolution which has stemmed from the love of my country, Kenya. Africa has experience of intractable conflicts and I hoped by studying and gaining knowledge in Peace Studies, I could give something back and educate others.

"The University of Bradford stood out for me when researching different institutions that offered the course. It was ranked one of the best places to study Peace Studies and had well qualified supervisors for the PhD research area I was interested in.

"The course equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to train others in conflict resolution and peacebuilding among communities in my country and across the globe. My time in Bradford moulded me in such a way that I left a very confident person. I enjoyed every moment in the city and Bradford became a home away from home for me."

In Kenya there’s a shortage of people with a PhD in this specialism hindering the transfer of knowledge, and that’s why completing a PhD in Peace Studies was important to me.

Launching my career in academia

"After completing my PhD, I managed to secure work relatively easily in my chosen sector which I credit partly due to the reputation of the University. In fact, when I state that I studied Peace Studies in the United Kingdom they respond, ‘You must have done this in Bradford. You were really lucky; how does one get to go to Bradford?!’ I always direct individuals to the University and recommend how well articulated and easy the procedure for application is.

"I am currently a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Peace and Conflict studies at St Paul’s University in Nairobi. I equip my students with skills in conflict resolution, peacebuilding and effective intercultural communication.

"These skills are greatly needed today as we witness violent conflicts in the form of intractable conflicts, civil and interstate wars and family conflicts in a magnitude never witnessed before in our history.

"Equally, militaristic approaches are applied to deal with violence and therefore there is a need for training and equipping students with skills in nonviolent approaches of dealing with violence at all levels.

"I am proud that my student body is very diverse and is made up of all genders, ethnicities, ages and status and includes security officers, members of parliament and other peace practitioners.

"I'm also Co-President of the Pax Christi International. It is a Catholic peace movement with 120 member organisations worldwide that promotes peace, respect of human rights, justice & reconciliation throughout the world.

"We are grounded in the belief that peace is possible and that vicious cycles of violence and injustice can be broken. Pax Christi International addresses the root causes & destructive consequences of violent conflict and war."

Developing my knowledge

"My advice for any student considering postgraduate study is to venture into an area of study you are interested in and have a passion for. Do your research and select a credible university that has a great reputation for the area of study you are interested in, as I did when selecting the University of Bradford.

"I would love to continue my own studying. I’m currently interested in research work, particularly focusing on women and peacebuilding in an African context.

"I believe women have the capacity, skills and approaches that can assist in mitigating the current intractable violent conflicts being experienced, especially in families and communities in Africa. I hope by exploring this in greater detail it will contribute towards a more peaceful, nonviolent and happy society."