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Sidhartha Aggarwal

Executive MBA in Dubai

  • Currently works as a Project Development Manager
  • Studying the Executive MBA to help him prepare for senior management roles
  • Chose Bradford because of its accreditations, value for money and reputation for quality
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Why did you decide to study for an MBA?

"I chose to study an Executive MBA to develop my business, strategy, and management acumen, which will help me in accelerating my career trajectory and prepare me for senior management roles.

"I am also excited about building my professional network by connecting with business leaders and managers from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I strongly believe that this MBA will enable me in becoming the best version of myself."


Why did you choose the University of Bradford?

"The University has a long-standing history of providing quality business education that is recognised internationally.

"The key differentiator of the Bradford MBA is the triple-crown accreditation. Moreover, the Executive MBA program has been delivered in Dubai for over two decades, which is an assurance of its quality and recognition.

"The course curriculum has been designed to teach relevant skills needed for the dynamic business environment and technological revolutions that are shaping the business landscape."

The course structure is very flexible. It perfectly suits business professionals who are looking for a quality education while managing their work and family commitments.

How have your studies helped in your current role?

"I am currently working as a Project Development Manager in a multinational conglomerate. My expertise is in the oil and gas sector, and I work closely with public and private oil and gas super-majors globally.

"My studies have brought a paradigm shift in my approach to various professional and personal challenges.

"I have started to analyse the situations critically, and I've developed an analytical mindset for dealing with complex business challenges."

What aspects of the course are you enjoying?

"I am enjoying various modules on this course, which span across both traditional and contemporary management areas.

"I am also enjoying learning from my diverse and experienced cohort.

"This course has provided me with an intellectual stimulation and learning environment that's kept me busy and acted as a protective shield from the pandemic’s induced stress and anxiety."

The course has exposed me to various contemporary topics such as technological disruptions and circular economy principles. These are shaping the energy industry and are extremely important for my professional growth.

How are you fitting your studies around your other responsibilities?

"I strongly believe that the right planning and execution is the key to managing the studies along with work and family commitments.

"I try to plan and structure my self-study at the beginning of each module, and try my best to stick to the plan. This has helped me to cover the relevant study materials on time and provide enough time for writing the assignments."

Would you recommend the MBA course to others?

"I will certainly recommend this MBA course to anyone who is looking to develop their business and management skills, while also managing their work and family responsibilities.

"The course content, flexible structure, international recognition and experienced faculty provide the best value for money and time that you will invest on your education. The Bradford MBA surely lives up to its name and expectations!"

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