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My PhD Journey in Bradford so far…

Sophia is an international student from Nigeria. She is currently in her first year of studying PhD Law here at the University of Bradford. She tells us about her PhD journey at Bradford so far.

A profile shot of Bradford student, Sophia Imegi

My name is Sophia Imegi and I am an international student from Nigeria. I’m currently in the first year of my PhD studies in Law at the University of Bradford.

I am quite active at the University and I try to get involved with the student experience as much as possible. I joined the Nigerian Student Society and the Postgraduate Research Society just a few weeks after starting my course!

Why a PhD in Law?

The PhD Law course is a three-year course if you are registered as a full-time student, and you get an additional one year writing up time if you need that extra time, normally without having to pay the full tuition fees.

I chose to start a PhD Law course mainly because I have a background in law, and I wanted to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the legal framework of the energy sector of West African countries.

Independent study

So far, my research journey has been great. I love that there are no formal lectures and assessments. You only need to focus on your research and do a lot of independent study.

Students studying in the library.

Yet, there is a balance to your independence, because the University and the School of Law offer a great level of support. There are organised training sessions and workshops which provide specific and relevant information on how to approach your research and write up your thesis.

Supporting you

I recommend the University of Bradford for students who want a wholesome university research experience. It feels like the University can envisage challenging areas and plan ahead to provide sufficient support to resolve such challenges when they arise.

Also, you have the option to tailor your research learning experience to suit your career plans and future goals. There is a great Careers and Employability Service for students and there are part-time jobs on campus for students who need some extra income. I work part-time at the University, and it has been a perfect fit for me so far.

A student speaking to a member of the Careers Team

Plans for the future

Regarding my future plans, I plan to lecture at university after my PhD and the University of Bradford offers teaching opportunities to postgraduate research students, including self-funded international students, which is great!

Also, there is a Fellowship scheme run by the University for research students who are interested in teaching. This includes a series of online training activities and you will get a certificate upon successful completion of the three-month scheme. Sometimes, you will also have an opportunity to teach as part of the scheme.

A lovely city

If you need extra motivation to apply, apply because Bradford is a lovely city. Bradford is not too big that you cannot walk to most places and save money on transport. It isn’t too small either, that you cannot find fun things to do.

You will be amazed at the number of fun things you can get up to at weekends and during your free time – and for free! Plus, the cost of accommodation is relatively cheap compared to other UK cities and so, you may have some money left to try fun stuff.

When I’m not studying, I’m either at the postgraduate research social lounge at the University, or at the National Science and Media Museum. Hopefully, you will get to experience some of these things and more, when you start your University of Bradford journey.