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Polymer MNT facilities

The Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology benefits from being part of the Polymer IRC and as a result has access to world-leading equipment and facilities at the University of Bradford.

Our combination of expertise and cutting edge equipment makes us unique in the field of polymer micro and nano technology.

The Centre has an extensive range of processing hardware available for access. 

The hardware is specifically designed for micro and nano moulding activities.

The combination of equipment gives us the flexibility needed to make a variety of sizes from a range of materials, such as engineering thermoplastics, nano-composites and metal and ceramic powders.

For each of these processes, we have developed bespoke systems for monitoring the behaviour of the raw material and the equipment dynamics in production processes. Ongoing work at the Centre is developing applications for novel sensor technologies (such as ultrasound and optical methods) and data acquisition systems for full traceability of the production environment for product manufacture - particularly relevant for the healthcare sector.

In addition, the Centre has a dedicated characterisation laboratory so we can offer a range of measurement capabilities.  Some techniques we use for assessing the shape and mechanical properties of micromoulded components and surface features include:

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