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University of Bradford Organisational Structure


The University of Bradford operates a consistent institutional organisational structure effective from August to August each year. The purpose of the organisational structure is to ensure:

  1. a consistent framework for the University’s main data management systems so that we can report and plan accurately, consistently and effectively;
  2. a consistent framework for the allocation of University resources;
  3. a robust foundation for external statutory reporting such as the Provider Profile return to HESA.


The organisational structure is agreed and published in advance of each academic year, with appropriate consideration and management of implementation where any in-year changes are essential.  A clear process around organisational structure change is designed to ensure:

  1. changes to organisational structure or departmental names are appropriately authorised;
  2. University staff are informed when the University's organisational structure, or name of academic and professional services departments are changed;
  3. the potential impact and appropriate implementation of any changes are properly considered.