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University Strategies

The University has developed a 10-year Corporate Strategy 2015-2025 following an intensive consultation process, which was approved by Council in February 2015.  The Strategy encompasses our strategic decisions and objectives and can be accessed by following the link: University of Bradford Corporate Strategy 2015-2025

Our Vision

Our ambition is to build on our heritage as these are our areas of strength, and to be a world leader in:

  • the creation of knowledge through fundamental and applied research
  • the dissemination of knowledge by teaching students from all backgrounds
  • the application of knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of people

 Our Values

Our values describe our expectations of the ways in which we will operate and how staff, students and visitors behave towards each other.  We will create opportunities for everyone and  challenge behaviours that do not align with our agreed values, which are as follows:

  • we encourage participation and openness
  • we encourage creativity and innovation
  • we support academic freedom and respect the right to express diverse points of view
  • we provide equal opportunities for all staff and students to achieve their full potential
  • we apply the best ethical standards in everything we do

Strategic Objectives

The University of Bradford’s strategy has four overarching objectives:

  • excellence
  • internationalisation
  • equality and diversity
  • sustainability

Our key messages are:

  1. Our outstanding teaching and research are making knowledge work;
  2. We will be known as a world-leading technology university;
  3. We will deliver cutting-edge research and knowledge transfer;
  4. We will put students at the heart of learning;
  5. We will create intellectual vibrancy by being international and diverse;
  6. We are proud to have a world-leading eco-campus.