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Medicines Development and Pharmaceutical Sciences (MDPS)

The MDPS group is led by Professor Anant Paradkar.

The research activities of MDPS have been built on the School's strong track record in the area of pharmaceutical materials.

Our MSc Pharmaceutical Technology is run by this group, and MSc students work in the research environment during their studies.

The Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science is a cross-faculty knowledge transfer centre, operated from within the MDPS group.

MDPS's programme of research is focused around three interlinked areas:

Pharmaceutical Material Science

The theme focuses on development of fundamental understanding of material properties and develops approaches to tailor their physicochemical characteristics. 

Research expertise comprises:

  • crystal engineering (salts, co-crystals and polymorphs)
  • characterisation and development of stabilised amorphous forms
  • particle engineering (micronisation, nano-sizing)

Innovation in Drug Delivery

The major objective of research in drug delivery is to achieve improvements in drug bioavailability, patient compliance and safety.

Explored topics include:

  • inhalation drug delivery (characterisation of particles for inhalation)
  • drug-protein and drug-membrane binding
  • liposomal and other transdermal drug delivery systems
  • hydrogel drug delivery systems and toxicity of nanomaterials

Process development and monitoring

The major objective of this stream is development of innovative technologies for tailoring material properties and development of drug delivery systems, including aspects of:

  • heat induced evaporative anti-solvent nanoprecipitation technology
  • microfluidic techniques for nanoprecipitation
  • melt rheology and shear induced crystallisation
  • hot melt extrusion technology

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