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Education Innovation Research and Development (EIRD)

The EIRD group is led by Dr Sue Jones.

Having developed a ground-breaking and innovative Pharmacy syllabus, based around integration of disciplines and team-based learning, Bradford School of Pharmacy launched an Educational Research and Innovation and Development group in April 2013. The group interacts closely with colleagues from the Faculty of Health Studies and the University's Centre for Educational Development.

The aim of the group is to promote the scholarship of curriculum development, learning, teaching, and educational research that supports high quality undergraduate and postgraduate education and practice. EIRD also aims to foster collaborative research and evaluation, and share best practice across organisational and disciplinary boundaries.

The University of Bradford Undergraduate Curriculum Framework has set out key Curriculum Themes and Principles. These include a research-informed curriculum that engages learners with current research relevant to their subject discipline, the opportunity to engage with researchers, and is informed by evidence drawn from educational research.

Current focus areas within the group are:

  • collaborative learning
  • interprofessional education
  • professionalism
  • education for sustainable development
  • promoting responsible science and professionalism
  • experiential learning and assessment for learning

Team-Based Learning

Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a structured, student-centred learning and teaching strategy that takes a ‘flipped’ approach to learning. It is designed to promote active, engaging and sustainable learning through a process of preparation, testing and application of knowledge. By regularly participating in team-based learning, students develop transferable skills that will develop their capabilities for the workplace, therefore enhancing their employability.

Find out more about Team-Based Learning at the University of Bradford

EIRD members

EIRD associate members


  • Alaa Abdelrazil
  • Hameed Anwar
  • Scott Dalgliesh
  • Gary Deakin
  • Andrea Diston
  • Jennifer Fermin
  • Mohammed Hussain
  • Shahzad Jamil



  • Shanaz Khaliq
  • Mahmoud Khodadi
  • Babir Malik
  • Deborah Quirke
  • Atif Saddiq
  • Philip Shaw
  • Diane Webb


Available PhD projects