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Research Seminars 21-22

Have a seminar or research event to share with our PGR community? Let me know.

Meeting at Heaton Mount - Bradford conference venue

Be part of #UoBresearchculture...

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  • We have a vibrant array of research seminars and other events, including bradford experts and external guest speakers.
  • Our ethos is to encourage researchers to try other disciplines and specialisms - to support our whole research community - not just your host research centre or cluster.
  • The future of research is interdisciplinary, so starting early during your doctoral research is a good idea.
  • If you attend a seminar and are a social media user, please share your positive experience with the hashtag #UoBresearchculture.



Café Scientifique

Café Scientifique is a friendly and collaborative exploration of the latest breakthroughs in science. You’ll hear about, discuss and debate some of the most recent advances and discoveries in science and healthcare, and their importance to society. It is a national movement and the Bradford chapter is a collaboration between the University of Bradford, the National Science and Media Museum and Theatre in the Mill.

  • Each event has a theme—they’ve included everything from the latest in physics to the science of music, from nanotechnology to biology.
  • Café Scientifique is a great way to meet new people and exercise your mind.
  • Discuss the discoveries you’ve seen in the headlines, or learn something completely new.
  • These are social, public events held in the evening in-person or online.
  • Keep up to date—follow Café Scientifique on Facebook and Twitter.

Dr Delderfield says: "These are good but the last one was incredible - hearing from NHS staff about their lives during the pandemic - insightful but also incredibly moving to learn what front-line care is really like."

Please see below the full programme, they all take place from 18:30 to 20:00 and tickets will be available to book a few weeks before each event.

28th October 2021 - Green Concrete: building a more sustainable future with Ashraf Ashour
18th November 2021 - Mass vaccination: the Bradford story with Dinesh Saralya
16 December 2021 - Stories from the tooth fairy with Julia Beaumont
27 January 2022 - Caught on camera: Crewe Circle spirit photographs with Efram Sera-Shriar
17 February 2022 - An apple a day keeps the AI away with Christopher Yau
24 March 2022 - Sermon on the soil with Duncan Cameron
28 April 2022 - Assessing foreign leaders with Michael D Young
19 May 2022 - Ethnography in the City: Reflections from Bradford with Yunis Alam
23 June 2022 - Body fat: is all fat created equal? with Rebecca Dunbell
21 July 2022 - The eye as a window to the listening brain with Ronan McGarrigle


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