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Research Seminars 20-21

  • Seminars for 19-20 are now finished.
  • Faculties will advertise new research seminars from October.
  • Find them below as soon as they are arranged.
Meeting at Heaton Mount - Bradford conference venue

Be part of our research culture...

#UoBresearchculture at its best...


  • We have a vibrant array of research seminars including bradford experts and external guest speakers.
  • Our ethos is to encourage researchers to try other disciplines and specialisms - to support our whole research community - not just your host research centre or cluster.
  • The future of research is interdisciplinary, so starting early during your doctoral research is a good idea.
  • If you attend a seminar please use social media to share your positive experience with the hashtag #UoBresearchculture.



AI Tech North

The University of Bradford is also a lead sponsor of:

All welcome, irrespective of discipline or skill in this area.