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PGR Connect our peer-support network for the post-graduate researcher community.

New networks are being set-up ready for 2020.

Its aim is to nurture emotional well-being and cultivate a sense of belonging for researchers. This can mitigate the sense of isolation that can sometimes develop due to the unique way that researchers study and work. Groups of around 6 researchers meet informally every 6-8 weeks and are supported by a trained facilitator who are 3rd/4th year researchers. The groups are confidential and provide a ‘safe space’ for researchers to share experience and form supportive connections with each other away from their academic responsibilities.

Around 40 researchers currently participate in Connect peer-support. These are some of the things that participating researchers have found valuable about Connect:

  • “Realising and recognising the value of sharing experience to help normalise the ups and downs of the research experience.”
  • “Helping to reduce the isolation  and feelings that everyone else is coping but you.”
  • “Helping each other tackle common issues: eg: time management; supervisor relationship; ways to de-stress, motivation.“
  • “Dealing with set back and managing failure – empowering each other to experience it more positively and as an important part of the research process.“
  • “A unique forum to focus on sharing experience of just 'doing life as a researcher'.”

For further details on getting involved, please contact Ruth Lefever (

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