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Postgraduate research students and the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Information specific to doctoral studies is available.


Our PG Researcher Community

Doctoral research can feel isolating at the best of times. If you are feeling concerned regarding the current circumstances in the UK (or at home?) or just a bit alone, you can tweet me @MaleEDResearch or @DoctoralSkills and I'm happy to chat and support. If you are not a Twitter user, that's fine. I'll be available via email: We're a community, even at a distance.
  • Latest information on University guidance.
  • Some training may be postponed, other sessions will be delivered online instead at their scheduled times. All details will be updated here
  • Below are links (yellow boxes) to resources that you can use if you are working at home or want to develop your research skills under your own direction.
  • Useful tips from Student Minds on COVID-19 and your mental health and well-being.

PGR Connect

PGR Connect is a student led peer support scheme that aims to offer a support network and community for our PG researchers.

It strives to foster wellbeing and a sense of belonging for researchers. This can mitigate the sense of isolation that can sometimes develop due to the unique way that researchers study and work. Groups of around 6 researchers meet informally every 2-3 months and are supported by a trained PGR Connect Leader who is also a PGR student at the University. The groups are confidential, informal and provide a ‘safe space’ for researchers to share experiences and form supportive connections with each other away from their academic responsibilities.

These are some of the things that participating researchers have found valuable about PGR Connect:

  • “Realising and recognising the value of sharing experience to help normalise the ups and downs of the research experience.”
  • “Helping to reduce the isolation and feelings that everyone else is coping but you.”
  • “Helping each other tackle common issues: eg: time management; supervisor relationship; ways to de-stress, motivation.“
  • “Dealing with set back and managing failure – empowering each other to experience it more positively and as an important part of the research process.“
  • “A unique forum to focus on sharing experience of just 'doing life as a researcher'.”

For further details on getting involved, either to join a group or be a PGR Connect Leader, please contact Ruth Lefever (


The Wellbeing Thesis

This FREE set of resources is developed by Student Minds and helps you focus on the positive mental health and wellbeing aspects of your doctoral journey.

The Wellbeing Thesis can help you to:

  • Set yourself up to do the best
  • Challenge common postgraduate myths
  • Feel in control of your postgraduate journey
  • Plan on the next steps following on from your studies.

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