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Research Methods Modules

In addition to the wealth of stand-alone development sessions that you can access, each Faculty provides Master's (Level 7) research methods modules that doctoral researchers can opt to take as part of their development.


Joining a module: important information

  • 'Enrolment' for these modules must be agreed between you and your supervisor, and form part of your Development Needs Analysis (DNA).
  • You won't accrue credit - these are taken without assessment but with access to all teaching and materials for your development.
  • As a doctoral researcher you can take any of these listed modules from any faculty, not just your own.
  • To access any of the modules below, please contact the Bradford Researcher Development Framework team.

*These modules includes staff-student ratio-dependent lab work, please contact us before joining.


The descriptors for these modules are available. You just need the name or module code for searching. You can search this year and previous years (for extant modules that have not been recently modified).

Browsing the indicative content and learning outcomes is recommended as it will help to establish if it will meet your needs.



Module Code Faculty Semester
Data visualisation  GAV7021-B FOEI 
Risk assessment & management ENB7007-B FOEI 
Statistical data analysis COS7005-B FOEI 
Supply chain management & production ENB7008-B FOEI 
Research methods and data analysis RES7016-C FOHS  1 & 2 
Research design, philosophy & working beyond disciplines PHA7072-C FOLS 1

Qualitative, quantitative & mixed research methods

PHA7073-C FOLS 2
Professional skills for researchers PHA7074-B FOLS 3
Imaging  CFS7028-B FOLS 
Separation science & mass spectrometry  CFS7027-B FOLS  2
Solid analysis CFS7026-B FOLS 1
Spectroscopy CFS7030-B FOLS 1
Advanced psychological research methods* PSY7021-B FOMLSS
Applied conflict research PES7036-B FOMLSS  1
Business data analytics OIM7032-B FOMLSS 
Interviewing and Communication Skills SOW7012-A FOMLSS 
Literature reviewing for doctoral studies MAL7042-B FOMLSS  2
Translating Research into Practice MAL8011-B FOMLSS 1
Project planning and design DEV7033-B FOMLSS  1
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods MAL7041-B FOMLSS 
Research methods for social workers SOW7001-B FOMLSS  1  
Research methods in psychology* PSY7004-B FOMLSS