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Outduction: completing your degree and beginning your career

We have a suite of development events and support that is geared towards completing your research degree, as well as preparing for a career outside or inside of academia, becoming an early career researcher (ECR). For example:

  • Theses and Copyright for Doctoral and Staff Researchers
  • Writing for Doctoral Research: Crafting Sections, Chapters and the Thesis
  • Thriving in Your Viva
  • Broadening Your Career Horizons
  • CVs and Applications for Researchers
  • Interview Skills for Your Career
  • Impact: making a difference with your research
  • Writing For Publication
  • Winning Grant Funding

All of these can be located and matched to the RDF in your DNA and are in the A-Z of researcher development events.


Whether you are becoming an Early Career Researcher, joining academia, industry or enterprise or returning to your exisiting profession better qualified, the University has plenty of targeted support to help you to achieve your career and development goals.

Are you planning to work outside of Higher Education or research? Your Career Consultant can help. You may want to investigate entrepreneurship or building a business idea.

A student receptionist at careers talking to a customer