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Training for engineering and computer science researchers

All training in the Framework is open to all disciplines, unless otherwise stipulated. An overview of this is introduced during your Induction programme, hence being an essential part of your research experience.

Your supervisors will offer discipline-embedded, as well as broader, scholarly skills development through: individuated training; research group training; writing coaching; feedback and editing skills advice; publication advice; and co-production/modelling using their own researcher skills and extensive experience.

There are some training needs that are transferable across disciplines. Here are some of the common skills areas that are requested as training on engineering and informatics TNAs.

These run a minimum of twice yearly and all appear in your MS Calendar so that you can personalise a training plan to suit you. 

  • Writing skills for engineers and scientists - at doctoral level (as you will already have significant experience of these skills) we have specialists who offer one-to-one consultations tailored to your writing needs, including report writing. These are specialists in academic writing, who can complete a needs analysis and create a tailored solution to developing your writing skills. 

This is on offer all year around during academic session to all PG and staff researchers.