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A-Z of Research Training

This list provides all of the training opportunities open to doctoral researchers. Although we have tried to bring everything the university offers together in one place, you need to follow these links to find:

  • information about what the stand-alone sessions or modules cover
    • this helps you to make an informed decision as to whether the training will meet your needs
  • booking/enrolment forms or procedures particular to each provider.


Please note that not all of these sessions run all of the time.

  • If something is listed without an active link, this means it will return but no new dates have been announced by the provider.
  • Some run in the autumn/winter, some in spring - and a few are offered over summer.
  • For anything that is discontinued, we remove these altogether to avoid confusion.
  • Can't find what you're looking for? Many of us offer one-to-one consultations so that you can learn new skills even when training has finished.

Each training opportunity is mapped to Vitae's national Researcher Development Framework (RDF) subdomains to help with your professional development planning.

Sessions and ModulesA1A2A3B1B2B3C1C2C3D1D2D3
Advanced literature searching for researchers X X X                  
Advanced psychological research methods X X X                  
Broadening your career horizons           X            
Business data analytics X X X                  
Costing and Pricing Your Research Grant               X X      
Critical appraisal for researchers X X X                  
Critical appraisal of literature relating to PhD study X X X                  
Critical thinking & problem-solving for doctoral researchers   X X     X            
CVs and job applications for researchers           X            
Data management for doctoral projects X     X      X X X      
Data visualisation X X X                  
Doing your search for a systematic review  X X X                  
EndNote for researchers X X       X            
English for Postgraduate Studies (no need to book) X                   X  
Ethical Doctoral Research   X          X     X    
Ethics, professionalism and reflective practice X X X     X X          
Focus group skills for research X     X                
Getting to grips with method and methodology X X           X       X
Horizon 2020 - European funding for researchers               X X      
How to write well - some tips for PGRs (Liverpool John Moores - FREE)   X       X         X  
Imaging X X       X            
Interviewing and communication skills X X X     X            
Interviewing skills for doctoral researchers X   X X                
Interview skills for your career            X            
Literature reviewing 1: engaging critically with texts X X X     X            
Literature reviewing 2: making sense of a body of work X X X      X            
Literature reviewing for doctoral studies  X X X                  
NVivo X X                    
Preparing for research X X X         X        
Presenting: conquer your fears (part of 'exam skills week' but designed for research staff and students)       X X X         X X
Presenting posters, papers and seminars for doctoral researchers   X X X X           X X
Professional networking skills for researchers           X            
Project planning and design X X X       X X X      
Qualitative and quantitative research methods X X X                  
RDF Planner - a PDP e-portfolio for researchers       X X X            
Research design for qualitative research: key principles X   X   X     X        
Research methods for social workers X X X                  
Research methods in psychology X X  X                  
Researching the social world X X X                  
Risk assessment & management X X X       X X        
Self-assessment for research careers           X            
Separation science & mass spectrometry X X X                  
Solid analysis X X X                  
Spectroscopy X X X                  
SPSS - an introduction X X X                  
Statistical data analysis X X X                  
Statistics in the Social Sciences - an introduction X X X X                
Supply chain management & production X X X                  
Theses and copyright X     X     X          
Thriving in your viva   X X X X X         X  
Translating research into practice X X X   X X            
Winning Grant Funding               X X      
Writing a Research Proposal for Doctoral Researchers X X X   X X         X  
Writing for Doctoral Research: crafting sections, chapters and the thesis.     X     X         X  
Writing for lay audiences     X             X X X


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