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Sleep and rest policy

We acknowledge that sleep is an important part of an healthy lifestyle and helps each child achieve their full potential as it directly impacts on their mental and physical development and health.


  • Throughout the day children will be given and opportunity to rest and sleep appropriate to their stage/age development and individual needs.
  • Their individual sleep and rest patterns will be discussed and agreed with parents and met as far as possible.
  • Comfortable areas and an appropriate environment will be provided that will allow rest periods as and when they are needed throughout the day.
  • Opportunities will be given for children to sit quietly, listen to music, look at books and be read to.
  • Staff will recognise that children have individual needs when being settled to sleep.
  • Comfort items such as blankets or soft toys from home will be used in line with parent’s wishes.
  • Staff will ensure that the babies and children are cleaned appropriately before being put down to rest or sleep this at times will include a nappy change if the baby/child feels wet or has soiled.
  • Staff will remove items of clothing such as jumpers, tracksuit tops, cardigans, head scarves and shoes etc as this will enable the baby/child to feel much more comfortable during their rest period. 
  • At times the baby/child may fall asleep during routine procedures (story, lunch etc) at these times this policy will still be adhered to and the baby/child will be made as comfortable as possible. 
  • On some occasions the baby/child may soil/wet their nappy during the rest period, if this happens they will not be woken up unless specified by the parents/carers to do so; however a nappy change will take place as soon as they wake up.
  • If your child is toilet trained and he/she has an accident during the rest period a staff member will act appropriately by changing the child’s clothing and providing clean sheets. 
  • An appropriate environment will be provided to encourage children to rest or sleep i.e. a darkened room, comfortable beds and children who are not sleeping being encouraged to play away from the sleeping area. At times these adjustments maybe difficult as the baby/child may fall asleep during play sessions and little changes can be made to the environment then, however we will endeavor to ensure the baby/child is comfortable and safe at all times.
  • Babies and children will be provided with a cot, pram or bed for their use dependant on parental wishes.
  • Personal bedding will be provided for their use only and washed once they have finished their sessions for that week.
  • Babies will be slept in line with the most up to date guidelines.
  • Babies will be put to rest on their backs unless parents state otherwise.
  • Babies and children sleeping will be supervised at all times
  • Babies/children will be checked on every 5/10 minutes or where possible a practitioner will be present.
  • I will sign the sleep/rest check list every 10 minutes when I have checked the sleeping children.