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Sickness Policy

  • If your child is absent from nursery due to illness, please could you inform the Nursery by 8.30am in order for us to adjust the staffing ratios, and order the correct number of children's meals.
  • If your child is absent from nursery due to sickness. It would be helpful if you could inform us of the type of illness he/she might have, as other children may be experiencing similar symptoms. It would also be useful to us if you could inform us of your child's return date.
  • Full nursery fees will be charged during sickness absences.
  • If your child has been prescribed a course of antibiotics, s/he cannot be brought to nursery for 48 hours. After this time, if your child is well enough, they may return to nursery. If necessary the medication will continue to be administered by staff members once signed parental permission is given and only after the antibiotics are checked for date, name and GP details. The medication will be given to your child as instructed upon the prescribed bottle.
  • Please give your child's medicine to a member of staff in your child's unit, and complete the medication form within the office. This information (dose, time etc.) will be passed on to the staff within the unit by the Head/Deputy Head.

Please note that we do not give any antibiotics unless it has been prescribed for your child

  • Un-prescribed medicines such as Calpol, ibuprofen, teething gels/powders can be administered by staff members (please see administering medicines policy) these medicines will only be given after written permission is obtained. The permission letter must clearly state the health related reason for the administration of the medicine i.e. teething, raised temperature, colds etc, the required dosage and be signed /dated.
  • On the advice of the Environmental Protection Department, we keep individual records of illnesses for both children and staff. In extreme cases of an infectious outbreak we are expected to share children's details with this department, obviously in the interests of containment.
  • For more information on childhood illnesses please refer to our Infectious Childhood Illnesses table (page 2) this table lists common illness which children pick up. The table also shows the symptoms, care needed and exclusion time from nursery.
  • It is recommended that advice be sought from your family doctor as soon as possible in cases of suspected infections.
  • Written permission must be obtained prior to each and every medication been administered.
  • All written records relating to prescribed / un-prescribed medication will be added to your child's file and stored in the locked filling cabinet within the office.
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