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Settling-In Procedure

When new parents/carers and their children first come to nursery, we make it our aim to ensure families feel both at ease and welcome. One of the most important procedures to discuss is how we will settle your child in to the environment, as this can be a very emotional time for all involved as well as an anxious one for the children.


  • The initial visit to nursery will be referred to as a stay and play session, which usually last for up to an hour. This session is an opportunity for your child to take in the surrounding environment, meet and interact with other children of the setting and begin to build relationships with staff members. We use this visit to observe which staff member your child makes an instant bond with and from this observation we establish who will be your child’s key person. During this visit you will complete your child’s paperwork with the key worker. You will arrange your next visit with the key worker at the end of the settling in session.
  • During the second visit you will be asked to leave the room and a member of staff will assess your child to see how he/she copes without your presence. At the end of the session the member of staff will discuss with you how your child coped, and inform you of the next settling in session. Again please allow for an hour of your time.
  • The amount of settling in sessions your child will require are all dependant on your child and this could take up to two weeks.
  • If the settling in process is rushed and your son/daughter is not ready it could have a negative effect on your child’s emotional stability here at nursery. Also, if the staff members within the unit believe more settling in sessions are required then this will be discussed with you and the sessions will be arranged.
  • At any point that you feel you need to talk to a staff member with regards to your child’s settling in please feel free to approach the key worker, unit staff member, or head/deputy. They will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.
  • Please arrive for settling in sessions on time as if you arrive too early or late it could have an adverse effect to the time the staff have available.
  • Settling in sessions take place within the unit that your son/daughter will be joining and they only take place on the days you have requested for attendance.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Head of Nursery
Sarah Smith