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Safe Staff Recruitment

We recruit for staff through advertisement in the local press and internally within the University. All applicants are required to complete an application form from this we short list to ascertain whether they meet the criteria for the job post and have the relevant experience. If successfully shortlisted the applicant will be required to attend an interview, which will be conducted by an interview panel consisting of the Head of Nursery, Deputy Head and a Personnel Representative. Upon the successful appointment of the applicant all references will be checked for further suitability and qualifications will be checked and verified against original certificates. There is a probation period of six months commencing on the new employees first day, this enables the Head/Deputy to assess whether they have the right person for the job. If for any reason the applicant causes concern within this time his/her contract may be cancelled.

The University undertakes enhanced C.R.B checks (see Safeguarding Policy) on all new members of staff these are re-submitted for all staff every three years. Under no circumstances will any staff member be left unsupervised with the children until a suitability report is returned from the Criminals Record Bureau.

Student Placements

We allow students from Universities, and colleges to attend our nursery to gain valuable knowledge and experience on childcare, these types of placements can run for as long as six months to a full year. We also offer work experience to school pupils this usually consists of a 2 week block visit. Work experiences pupils who attend Nursery are not added into the staff: child ratios. The Head of Nursery will confirmed with the college/school that the student is under taking a valid qualification in childcare and this will need to be verified by a named tutor. Before the student's start date they are required to attend an induction visit with the Head/Deputy Head. If at any time during the placement the Head/Deputy Head is un-happy with the student/work experiences performance their placement will be terminated. Students/work experiences will always obtain written permission from parents before taking photographs as part of their evidence. Students will not work alone and will be supervised at all times. Having students within the nursery does not interfere with the quality of care the children receive.


Nursery is very happy to offer placements to volunteers who for a variety of reasons wish to gain knowledge and experience of nursery life. Volunteers usually come from the local community, Universities, Early Years Service etc. After an initial meeting / interview all relevant checks are made before a placement is offered along with an enhanced C.R.B. check. After commencement of the placement the Head/Deputy head will be regularly updated on the volunteer's progress from their named 'supervisor'. There is a probation period of three months, but if the Head/deputy has any concerns the placement will be ceased. 

Community Involvement

It is our goal to build links within the community this will include involvement with local schools and childcare settings allowing us to share resources, visit each other, collaborating on ideas and information.  This will allow our pre-school children (3 - 5 years) to familiarise themselves with the school settings, their organisation and expectations thus easing their transition from Early Years into mainstream settings.

We encourage visits from such people as the fire brigade, police service, road safety departments and other outside agencies who can provide rich experiences for the children.