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Parents as Partners Policy

Parent/carers are children’s first and most enduring educators, when parent/carers and practitioners work together; the results have a positive impact on the child’s holistic development and learning. Therefore the nursery team endeavour to develop effective partnerships with all parents/carers which will flourish from the initial settling in session.

A successful partnership needs a two-way flow of information, knowledge and expertise. It is also vital that there is mutual respect between the two adults and that each value the role of the other. In carrying out the following procedures we ensure that all parents are included.

When we refer to ‘parents’ we mean both mothers and fathers; these including natural/birth parents or adopted parents, as well as step parents and parents who do not live with their children but have contact with them and play a part in their lives. ‘Parents’ also include same sex parents and foster parents.

  • All parents are made to feel welcome and valued.
  • Practitioners show respect and understanding for the role of the parents in their child’s education.
  • Parents are recognised as being a significant factor towards the education of the children; we encouraged their participation in the full life of the setting.
  • Parents are given the opportunity to discuss their child’s circumstances, interests, skills and needs during arrival/departure times and pre-arranged feedback sessions.
  • Practitioners listen to parent’s accounts of their child’s development, and any concerns they may have.
  • Arrangements for settling in are flexible enough to give time for children to become secure and happy in Nursery.
  • Many children have a home language other than English. Practitioners should value this linguistic diversity and provide opportunities for children to use and see their home language within their play and learning environments whenever possible.
  • The knowledge and expertise of parents are used to support the learning opportunities provided in Nursery.
  • Practitioners use a variety of ways to keep parents fully informed about their child’s day at nursery, these include the child’s profile (my learning picture), photographs, displays, brochures, newsletters and informal/formal discussions.
  • Practitioners share information with parents about the child’s progress and achievements on a daily/regular basis.
  • Experiences from home are used to develop learning in Nursery
  • Parents are often invited into nursery to lead areas of provision, or take part in group activities. We welcome the contributions of parents in whatever form these may take.
  • We inform all parents about how the setting is managed and make available all nursery policies. We check to ensure parents have understood all the information given to them.
  • Parents have access to their child’s profiles at all times and are encouraged to have an input into these (home observations)
  • We inform parents about relevant conferences, workshops and training.
  • We consult with parents about the times of all nursery forums/ planned play sessions/ meet and greet sessions to avoid excluding anyone
  • During initial induction we inform parents of systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions and check that these are fully understood.
  • All parents have access to our written complaints procedure
  • We make available information with regards to the EYFS, ECaT and learning experiences to all parents, through displays, books, memos, feedback and our parents information corner

In compliance with the Welfare Requirements, the following documentation is in place;

  • Admissions policy
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Records of complaints
  • Developmental records of the children

Other Useful resources

  • Child Protection Record (2007)
  • Looking at Learning Together (2005)
  • Summary Complaints Record (2006
Home observation Download Home observation
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